A Powerful, Custom Session

Build a Clear Vision

Does your team need a clear vision, strategies and action planning? Through the use of graphic facilitation, align quickly and efficiently while promoting engagement. Involve team members in the process to produce a shared set of goals and related actions.

The Benefits: 

Your team will walk away with the following types of outcomes:

  1. The team can articulate a clear value proposition and where it can make the most impact.
  2. The team can articulate the greatest opportunities it has over the next 1-3 years.
  3. There is a documented set of goals and resources who will own each deliverable post the meeting.

The Process: 

Career Revolution will work with your team to customize a session to achieve the specific objectives that are most relevant for you. Discover the following as a team to identify opportunities and related actions needed to take advantage of them:

  1. Past – Where has your team been? Long term cycles, historical sources of key cultural assumptions and connection between challenges and accomplishments. Identify Values, Core
    Competencies and key relationships that made organization successful.
  2. Present – What aspects of the present have a high probability of carrying forward into future (trends)? Guess at what breakthroughs might occur (assumptions) and what the non-negotiable requirements for the organization based on industry rules (imperatives). Identify strengths, opportunities, problems and threats to today’s business.
  3. Future – Create vision of future. Agree on core vision elements and commit to a value proposition. Narrow down to no more than 5 strategic objectives. Create a strategic game plan. Agree to how the vision will be lived when back at work (Change planning).