adjust to a new workplace

The following modules are offered as stand-alone sessions or combined as a part of a larger program. Add modules of your choice to a current leadership program or customize to create a new program. Each module can be run for groups of 12 to 50 and take place in person over the course of 2 to 4 hours. Modules can also be levereged as keynote presentations.

Module: Defining Role of Manager in Today's Workplace

  • Identify what is needed to create the "right" environment for success in today's changing workplace.
  • Understand the competencies needed to "lead self" versus "lead others."
  • Review data to support generational differences and similarities driving the need for managers to improve career coaching skills.
  • Learn an overall process and specific steps needed to effectively manage others throughout the year.
  • Review results of a personal Strengthscope™assessment to identify natural strengths and strengths in overdrive (will be completed before class.)
  • Understand the psychology of leading through "strengths" vs. "weaknesses" to achieve peak performance from employees of all levels.

Module: Leading Teams

  • Learn Tuckman's model of team development.
  • Conduct a team gap assessment to understand where your team may have gaps and may be at risk of low perfomance.
  • See the benefits to managers, the team and the overall organization of leveraging different team member strengths to foster greater innovation and engagement.
  • Learn how to prioritize and assign work based on different individual team strengths.

Module: Evaluating & Delivering Performance Feedback

  • Understand the benefits of focusing on regular performance planning and communication instead of the dreaded annual review.
  • Learn to diagnose performance issues and differentiate individual “skill” vs. “will” root causes.
  • Communicate performance improvement feedback.
  • Identify the most common manager pitfalls in delivering feedback that shuts down employees without realizing it.
  • Learn the steps to conduct formal and informal performance feedback meetings.
  • Practice handling different employee reactions to performance feedback.

Module: Rewarding & Recognizing the "Right Behaviors"

  • Explore what makes employees feel valued and recognized.
  • Understand the concept “you get what you reward."
  • How to challenge each employee—including poor performers and high achievers.
  • Understand how and when to utilize “non-monetary” reward and recognition.
  • Add simple non-monetary reward strategies to your leadership “toolbox” to quickly draw upon in different performance situations.

Module: Translating Organizational Goals into Team and Individual Goals

  • Learn the purposes and differences between organization, team and individual goals.
  • Create SIM goals that align employees to the larger mission of the organization.
  • Develop standards of performance that will determine if the employee has succeeded.
  • Understand the role employees have in identifying and writing goals.
  • Effectively communicate and cascade organizational goals to the team and each individual.

Module: Conducting Career Conversations

  • Learn how the traditional career ladder is becoming extinct and being replaced by the concept of “career jungle gyms”.
  • Tailor career conversations to inspire each person to their fullest potential.
  • Identify challenging tasks and assignments that connect individual career goals with
    organizational goals.
  • Practice a simple formula for “career development” discussions.
  • Construct compelling development plans that help employees accelerate career achievements and see the bigger picture.