Maximize your team's energy & performance

an interactive session

In the Team Strengths Program, participants will complete an individual strengths assessment - with the option of also taking the 360 degree feedback component - to create awareness of how their strengths and energy levels impact their productivity, relationships and team goals. We will discuss results from these assessments during the team session.

Participants will:

  • Discover their top 7 strengths and how to maximize them for the greater good of the
  • Uncover the drainers keeping them from being their best energized innovative self.
  • Learn how they are currently using their strengths from their team’s perspective.
  • Understand and utilize peer strengths.
  • Review their specific team profile that shows where the team strengths are.
  • Understand how to align their team strengths to future action plans that meet
    organizational goals.

Benefits to the team:

  • Awareness of individual and team energy and the impact on the success of team goals
  • A clear understanding of individual and team strengths
  • Individual awareness of how their energy impacts team energy and peak performance
  • How to align individual action plans to organizational goals
  • Receive Team Strengths report to use back at work