The workforce has changed

Managers should too.

Managers are being asked to quickly adapt to continuously changing business conditions. As they strive to lead themselves through change, they are also held accountable to lead others through transition and align them to organizational values and goals. This is challenging leaders to find effective ways to build bench strength and new cultural norms that drive engagement.

To meet these growing demands, leaders need to understand changing workforce dynamics, including the values and expectations of a new generation of talent. This means learning to develop others outside of the traditional “career ladder” and engage team members long enough to enable them to make a true impact.

The New Workforce IQ™ Program consists of classroom training and optional assessments and small group Coaching Circles. This program can work as a keynote, “lunch and learn” workshop or deeper learning module.

As a result of The New Workforce IQ™ Program, managers will:

  • Understand the changing dynamics of the workplace.
  • Assess their management mindsets.
  • Move beyond generational stereotypes and understand the real data behind the newest segment in the workplace.
  • Identify simple strategies to coach, engage, influence and innovate in the changing workplace.